Stylists Spotlight!


We think our stylists deserve recognition, especially those who take the extra steps to make residents feel welcome and well cared for in the salon. Keeping this in mind, Senior Salon Services’ regional managers chose nominees for this honor, which our team then voted on. Categories include punctuality, being customer oriented and following company procedures. Our managers were instructed to think of those stylists that go above and beyond their job duties and always give their clients 100%.

Meet our winners!

A stylist with 13 years of experience, Yanell Felton knows that the most important qualities our stylists can have are patience and compassion. “Getting their hair done is the highlight of their day,” she said. Yanell works for us at Elmwood Hills in Blackwood, NJ, and enjoys working with the staff there as much as she does the residents. “The people that work here are really sweet – so cheerful and always in good spirits.”

Marsha Isaacs hails from Middletown, OH and has worked for us at Knolls of Oxford in Ohio for almost 14 years. “The salon is very nice; if I need anything they are right there to help me out. They’re very friendly and accommodating to me, and easy to work with. That’s why I’ve been at Knolls of Oxford for so long! She also recommends being flexible with the residents, especially since they have a lot of other appointments. “Be very patient and loving,” she advised.

“I take care of my mom, who is 90,” said Gina Sacco. “Seniors deserve quality and to be treated well. My residents really look forward to getting their hair done – I’ve met so many terrific people.” Gina has been a stylist for 30 years, and she works at Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living in Somerset, NJ. “Their main goal is to keep their residents happy,” she added.

Stylist Lori Carr enjoys talking to her customers at Brightview Severna Park MD; learning about their histories and hearing their stories are the perks of her job! Best of all, she likes making them feel good about themselves. I just treat them like anyone else. They are just like you and me.”

Emily Schultz has worked for Senior Salon Services for about four years and styles the residents in the Dementia Unit Salon at Arden Courts in King of Prussia, PA. “I really like the people there!” she said. “My clients are sweethearts! It brightens their day and they find it really special. It’s very rewarding work, since it’s not just your normal salon atmosphere.”

Joan Lipowski says that working at Regency Heritage Nursing and Wilentz Residence in Somerset is like being part of a big family. She should know; she’s been at Regency for 27 years and Wilentz for 20! Making her clients look great makes her day. “It gives me a thrill to see the smiles on their faces when they look in the mirror,” she said. “I get a lot of satisfaction from helping them and making them look so nice and neat and clean. It’s very rewarding.”

All of our winners will receive a gift card in recognition for their outstanding efforts. If you would like to nominate a Senior Salon Services stylist, please contact Lynne Berman, Marketing Director, at 866-446-1836 ext. 127 or email: