Will Senior Salon Services replace our current, well-liked stylists?
We understand that certain stylists have long-standing relationships with their facilities, and make every effort to retain them while enhancing the quality of service.
• Senior Salon Services pays all stylists bi-weekly
• Senior Salon Services provides supplies
• Senior Salon Services provides bonuses and incentives for stylists
• Senior Salon Services markets stylist services within the facility

Will Senior Salon Services increase salon prices to our residents?
Our representatives will survey your salon, discuss resident needs and review current charges. We can often accept current pricing, and if adjustments are needed we will suggest fair increases.

Why switch to Senior Salon Services?
Senior Salon Service’s professional, hands-on salon management team can save you time and money while reducing administrative tasks. We are a resident-focused, quality-driven company and our goal is to provide fair pricing and effortless service to your residents. Compare us to your current salon management and we will surpass your expectations.

What will it cost us?
There is no cost to your facility, and we’ll even show you how to make your salon a profit center!

• Pricing can be structured to allow extra income generation
• Senior Salon Services funds the salon operation, including all staff and supplies